New in the box overstock.

These are surplus items ordered for clients who later had project changes. 

Message me to arrange:

  • Local pickup no charge (Lincoln, NE)

  • Local delivery (negotiate charge)  (Lincoln & Omaha) 

  • Commercial shipping (carrier rate +$10)

If you need help setting this equipment up, ask about guided setup. 

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New Tech Items 

DTEN Me with whiteboard.jpg
DTEN Me with real whiteboard.jpg

DTEN Me $600

These are great for users who want a dedicated Zoom appliance with built in conference quality cameras and microphone, but also want a second monitor.

  • These retail for $800

    • Leverage our wholesale prices!

    • We have less than 2 dozen left. 

  • Easy set up

  • Use as a second 27" monitor when not used for Zoom​

  • Virtual whiteboard, or show your "real" whiteboard

  • Video conferencing & Phone calls

  • Uses we have employed:

    • Teachers support remote education

    • Students who are remote

    • Remote attorneys who are not cats.

    • Non profits who want a persistent Zoom ​"member" who can attend all meetings as a portal for remote attendees.

While these are designed for desk or tabletop, we have mounted some of these on rolling stands, picture shown. Teach or attend class  in the living room today? How about from the your home office? Broadcast from your deck? (vesa mount adapter)

Use this device for presentations separate from your computer so you do not accidently share something from your computer! How much is your job worth?

Ring Indoor Camera $40

ring indoor camera box.jpg
ring indoor camera model..jpg

Ring CO2 & Smoke Alarm Listener (2pack) $40

ring co2 listener.jpg
ring co2 listener model.jpg

Belkin Wireless Charger Stand $17

Belkin power chargers.jpg
Belkin power charger back.jpg
Belkin power charger front.jpg